All Services are Mobile Only

Remedial / Deep Tissue -

This is your traditional heavier style of

massage incorporating numerous techniques to unbind muscles

and help aid in the recovery after injury or even surgery.

Relaxation -

This is a gentle massage used by those who wish to destress

or just not up for the heavier touch.

Sports -

Sports massage is used to flush and loosen muscles either pre

or post event.

Cupping -

Warning although quite useful for shifting congestion and

loosening sensitive areas this can leave some quite intense

markings for several days.

Lymphatic Drainage -

Very gentle and light used to promote the

movement of lymphatic fluid.

Pregnancy - 

This utilises a kit which enables the recipient to lie face

down for the treatment.

45min - $65

60min - $80

90min - $120

120min - $160